Property Maintenance


Lawn Mowing: Mowing and trimming of lawn areas to a 2.5-3’’ height to attain a well-maintained appearance. Lawn clippings will be mulched and left on turf areas. Clippings will be blown from all pavement areas. Areas that the mowers cannot reach will be line trimmed every time the lawn is cut. Contingent upon our growing season, mowing services are typically performed every week from April to October

Turf Fertilization & Weed Control: Liquid and or granular fertilization products are used to promote a greener healthier. Selective herbicides are applied to control broadleaf weeds and crabgrass throughout the turf areas. ORGANIC FERTILIZATION AVAILABLE

Spring Clean-up: Cleaning leaves, branches, and debris from lawn and bed areas. At this time, any ornamental grasses and or perennials left standing for winter appeal will also be cut back accordingly. Winter coverings will be removed and disposed of off-site. Light pruning may also be performed if any winter injury is noticed throughout the grounds.

Mulching: Applying mulch to planting beds areas has numerous benefits. Mulch not only provides an aesthetic appeal but also helps to dormant weeds, retain moisture and regulate soil temperatures throughout the seasons.

Mulch also provides a source of nutrients to plantings therefore, Envision highly recommends using a natural mulch vs rocks and or other synthetic materials.

Bed Edging: In the case a permanent edging, such as stone or pavers, does not exist, Envision will create a natural edge to create definition to bed areas and create a clear crisp division between planting beds and turf areas.

Sidewalk/Driveway and Curb Edging: This service removes grass growing over the concrete and/or asphalt. Edging provides a crisp, manicured appearance to your turf throughout the duration of the growing season.

Mid-Summer Trimming: Trimming and shaping of all evergreen bushes and deciduous shrubbery to retain a professionally manicured appearance. Deciduous Spring blooming shrubbery will be pruned and or trimmed accordingly.

Fall Clean-up: Removing branches, leaves, and debris from the lawn and bed areas. Trimming and shaping of all evergreen bushes and some deciduous shrubbery within a 10’ height to retain natural shape. Instead of removing leaves once before winter, Envision OS will address leaves weekly for 6-8 weeks, depending on the foliage. Landscape waste is left at the curbside following village ordinances. If the village does not permit curbside landscape waste, Envision will remove and dispose of debris accordingly.

Core Aeration: Due to the high clay content within our soils, Aeration is extremely important. This should be performed annually to ensure the best possible growth during the growing season. Aeration is performed to open compact soil and promote better air, water, and nutrient flow to desired turf areas. Core aeration will also help ensure successful re-germination, creating a thicker turf.

Slit Seeding/Dethatching: This service removes built-up thatch throughout the turf and injects seed deep within the soil to promote deeper, stronger root systems. This service is crucial to maintaining healthy turf.

Healthy lawns are less likely to allow weed implantation; therefore, Envision highly recommends using these natural mechanical methods vs excessive chemical use.